‘Sometimes the subject’s eyes were propped open, or they painted the pupils onto the skin to give the effect they were alive.’

Victorian death photos may seem disturbing, but for people in the 19th century, the photos provided comfort during times of grief. 

Nowadays it would be unusual, or perhaps even frowned upon, if we were to take a photograph of their body or face. However, post-mortem photography was once a common practice out of love and respect.

Victorian life was suffused with death. Epidemics such as diphtheria, typhus and cholera scarred the country, and from 1861 the bereaved Queen Victoria made mourning fashionable.

Because Victorians died young, died quickly, and died of injuries and infections, modern medicine helped abolish, they invented elaborate grieving rituals to give meaning to their loved ones’ short-lived lives.

Many people came up with creative ways to remember the dead. Post-Mortem Photography was done in preparation to have a printed photo of your dead family member displayed in the home.

Victorians would haul out their dead, prop them up on stands, and take a picture worth a thousand words. These stands helped corpses look alive, and allowed them to pose with their still-breathing family members.

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