The Sad Story of Sweet Fanny Adams (Sweet FA)

The Poem

It was a bright August afternoon,

when she met her end.

The smell of soft loamy earth,

flying leaves dressed in scarlet and gold.

The question is, what did sweet Fanny do?

Why was she so worthless?

If she were alive today she would be shocked,

because the answer is nothing.

Her smile was warm with a hint of shyness,

innocent and eight she was slain,

a crime so barbaric it shook England to the core.

On that dreadful day when three little girls went out to play,

only two would return.

This wasn’t how it was supposed to be,

why must mothers say goodbye?

The man in the black coat

offered her a halfpenny that glistened in the sun.

And Later that day he wrote in his diary,

I killed a little girl.

She was found dismembered, her head on two poles.

So, tell me why is sweet Fanny Adams so worthless?

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