Screaming into my pillow
I pray my broken heart stops
Is this how it ends?

Your promise on our wedding day
The one didn’t keep
You promised you would cherish me
Until we both grew old.

From the first punch
To the erosion of our marriage
Its sick form ascended to
The detriment of all
Betraying hearts and lives.

Some seek what they grew up with
Even if destructive.
I would love to say
Part of me still cherishes you
But it would be a lie.

Trapped without hope
Sick with dread,
Eyes full of fear
I listen in the blackness
Broken winged and never found.

Every bruise you’ve given me
Has become a shield
I’ll wait until tomorrow
when a new day begins.

Thanks for reading. If this piece resonated, please find more of my work here: paulaslingauthor.com You can even subscribe for updates when I publish.

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