Meres of cloudy light casting
An unearthly glow into dark corners
Silent streets deserted
As if London has been evacuated
Only a few ragged souls remain.

A city of coffee shops whose pungent aromas
Mingle with crime, death and debauchery
Each building hiding thieves.

A city rife with disease
People overpowered with the coercion
Of human deprivation
Walking the thin line
Between ignorance and deceit.
Have we lost our City?

London Crime Fiction Books by Paul:


The Carters’: Wars in West London

Family is everything to the Carters’. Alf Carter runs his criminal empire with the help of his two sons Kenny and Billy. But when family is everything the ties that bind might be the deadliest of all. When Billy Carter should feel everything is before him, including the love of his life it’s taken away when terrifying gangland violence threatens his life.

Bagley’s Lane: Blood On The Streets

After three brutal murders in quick succession. DI Luca Rossi’s catapulted into a world that threatens him and his family’s way of life. With sheer squirm-in-your-seat moments throughout. Bagley’s Lane is a mesmerising, old-fashioned brutal story of loss, obsession and survival.

Love You Till I Die

Billy Pearce is a well-respected heavyweight boxer from London. After his one and only love is taken, his life is thrown into the menace and treachery of London’s criminal underworld. Love You Till I Die is a novel about loyalty and reliability about people that love and care for each other but who, when push comes to shove, will do whatever to protect their own.

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