The London Street Child

Clinging to this meaningless life
Between living and half living
Why must I suffer?

It never goes away.
Lines on my face
Depicting to the world
My worthless life.

Shadows getting darker
Winos clinging to the shadows
Fighting voices in my head that say
I’ll never get away.

Fatigued of life
Eyes glued to the pavement
Unrelenting rain
Snaking down my neck.

Averted gazes
Hours of alienation
Praying for someone to stay
Or even smile.

Feeling like the worst person in the world
Memories from the past
Flash through my head.

I ask myself
Where did I go wrong?
Was I ever loved?

London Crime Fiction Books by Paul:


The Carters’: Wars in West London

Family is everything to the Carters’. Alf Carter runs his criminal empire with the help of his two sons Kenny and Billy. But when family is everything the ties that bind might be the deadliest of all. When Billy Carter should feel everything is before him, including the love of his life it’s taken away, when terrifying gangland violence threatens his life.

Bagley’s Lane: Blood On The Streets

After three brutal murders in quick succession. DI Luca Rossi’s catapulted into a world that threatens him and his family’s way of life. With sheer squirm-in-your-seat moments throughout. Bagley’s Lane is a mesmerising, old-fashioned brutal story of loss, obsession and survival.

Love You Till I Die

Billy Pearce is a well-respected heavyweight boxer from London. After his one and only love is taken, his life is thrown into the menace and treachery of London’s criminal underworld. Love You Till I Die is a novel about loyalty and reliability about people that love and care for each other but who, when push comes to shove, will do whatever to protect their own.

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