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Victorian London was the largest, most spectacular city in the world. While Britain was experiencing the Industrial Revolution, London was both reaping the benefits and suffering the consequences. In 1800, the population of London was around a million. That number would swell to 4.5 million by 1880. While fashionable areas like Regent and Oxford streets were growing in theContinue reading “SATURDAY NIGHT IN VICTORIAN LONDON”


‘In 1887, five out of every six infants to die in Bethnal Green homes were where the entire family shared a bed. Coroners attributed most of these deaths to overlaying, during which a sleeping parent or sibling rolled onto the infant and accidentally smothered it.’ The 19th century was the century of urbanisation, industrialisation andContinue reading “VICTORIAN SLUMS”

Human Loos

‘When you needed the loo, you looked for the nearest man or woman with a cape and a bucket’ As successive British governments have closed Britain’s once great wealth of public lavatories–London’s loos, until the 1950s, were famous the world over. London’s magnificent Victorian public toilets were built after The Public Health Act of 1848,Continue reading “Human Loos”


‘In a period obsessed with the idealisation of female virginity, the consequences of sexual experience outside wedlock often resulted in ruin’ In the nineteenth century, femininity held an important position. A woman’s social and cultural role was sanctified, and the woman was protected and defended. But what a woman didn’t adhere to the ideal? AContinue reading “THE VICTORIAN FALLEN WOMAN”


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