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The London Street Child Clinging to this meaningless lifeBetween living and half livingWhy must I suffer? It never goes away.Lines on my faceDepicting to the worldMy worthless life. Shadows getting darkerWinos clinging to the shadowsFighting voices in my head that sayI’ll never get away. Fatigued of lifeEyes glued to the pavementUnrelenting rainSnaking down my neck.Continue reading “WAS I EVER LOVED”


My New Publication A Collection of Raw, Gritty, Life Poetry. Sometimes challenging and always raw. Paul explores love, grief, and pain. Looking at how they combine in the highs and lows of human relationships.


Dressed in a collar of smokeThe unsleeping structureIs a building of contradictionVulnerable, yet still imposing. Blown apartby a quarter-tonne bomb Built-up againTo be a remembranceOf soldiers who died. Only whispers of its scarsThe shrine once upturnedNow bathed in candlelight again. In the abandonment of griefThey now sing hymns ofSurvival and hope. Where do shadows hideWhen noContinue reading “THE LIGHT OVERPOWERED THE DARKNESS (St Pauls Cathedral)”


Meres of cloudy light castingAn unearthly glow into dark cornersSilent streets desertedAs if London has been evacuatedOnly a few ragged souls remain. A city of coffee shops whose pungent aromasMingle with crime, death and debaucheryEach building hiding thieves. A city rife with diseasePeople overpowered with the coercionOf human deprivationWalking the thin lineBetween ignorance and deceit.HaveContinue reading “HAVE WE LOST OUR CITY”


Screaming into my pillowI pray my broken heart stopsIs this how it ends? Your promise on our wedding dayThe one didn’t keepYou promised you would cherish meUntil we both grew old. From the first punchTo the erosion of our marriageIts sick form ascended toThe detriment of allBetraying hearts and lives. Some seek what they grewContinue reading “WHEN THE BRUISES SHOW”


Spirit broken, depleted and defeated. How long will this journey last? Loss is never a straight line, It has no timeline, no deadline. The pain may never go, It’s only buried beneath tombs, And fresh memories. Endless and unrelenting, It just waits to explode, Through, the crevices of our thoughts, Draining our heart and soul.Continue reading “SILENT TEARS”

A Minute To Improve Your Writing Forever

These Tips Will Improve Your Writing Forever Delete the word ‘that.’At least 90% of the time you use the word ‘that’ can be removed from your writing and it will instantly strengthen your sentence.Example: ‘You believe that I’m lying, but I’m not.’ becomes ‘You believe I’m lying, but I’m not.’ Delete the words ‘I think.’It adds nothing. RemoveContinue reading “A Minute To Improve Your Writing Forever”


I reach over to see if he’s there. The bed is still warm where he had been lying. I pretend to be asleep when I hear the bedroom door open. The room fills with the aroma of coffee and the floorboards creak, as he slinks into the bed next to me. He leans over andContinue reading “HIS KISS”


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