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Spirit broken, depleted and defeated. How long will this journey last? Loss is never a straight line, It has no timeline, no deadline. The pain may never go, It’s only buried beneath tombs, And fresh memories. Endless and unrelenting, It just waits to explode, Through, the crevices of our thoughts, Draining our heart and soul.Continue reading “SILENT TEARS”

A Minute To Improve Your Writing Forever

These Tips Will Improve Your Writing Forever Delete the word ‘that.’At least 90% of the time you use the word ‘that’ can be removed from your writing and it will instantly strengthen your sentence.Example: ‘You believe that I’m lying, but I’m not.’ becomes ‘You believe I’m lying, but I’m not.’ Delete the words ‘I think.’It adds nothing. RemoveContinue reading “A Minute To Improve Your Writing Forever”


I reach over to see if he’s there. The bed is still warm where he had been lying. I pretend to be asleep when I hear the bedroom door open. The room fills with the aroma of coffee and the floorboards creak, as he slinks into the bed next to me. He leans over andContinue reading “HIS KISS”


It’s thought the 250 years between 1530 and 1780, the figure could easily have been as high as 1,250,000 – this is only just over a tenth of the Africans taken as slaves to the Americas from 1500 to 1800, but a considerable figure nevertheless. ‘A mariner from London, Henry Hammon, was on the ship theContinue reading “BRITISH SLAVES”


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